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Saanthwana is a 100% volunteer driven organization, which serves as platform to bring together result –oriented changemakers ranging from corporates, grass-root entrepreneurs, donors, volunteers and partner agencies to make a positive impact on the underprivileged community. We scale actionable ideas that can solve problems related to child care , academics, character building, through a cure that proven to have a large scale societal impact. It all began in 2008, when we started as a small group of college graduates & have now transformed into a registered NGO with more than 300 active members students, professionals in Hyderabad & USA with an ever increasing volunteer base every year. We strongly believe education is the most powerful investment to build a bright future for these talented minds which drives us to enable underprivileged children to enable them with basic schooling & digital literacy to mold them into independent professionals and a responsible citizen. Our relentless efforts will always be directed towards transforming the lives of an underprivileged child by tapping into their potential and providing basic academic & medical amenities & ethical values as they venture into the world as successful induvials. In Sanskrit,the word Saanthwana means consolation, which is the fundamental idea behind the formation of this organization. We believe that the needs of the homeless extend beyond monetary support. Rather than providing them with financial support and dusting our hands off them, we intend to give them love, affection and a feel that there is someone who cares about their happiness and contentment.
We started off as a small group of like minded individuals with loads of energy, exuberance, the burning desire to do something for people around us. we realized very quickly that the world around us is filled with people young ,old, male, female alike devoid of love, affection, a caring hand, a shoulder to cry upon at times of distress and what we were doing was just a drop in the ocean , but as they say "Tiny drops together make an ocean". These were our small steps of a never ending journey.
We are proud of the fact that what started as a small group of college and school mates has now transformed into a full fledged organization with more than 300 active members students, professionals coming from various fields with ever increasing membership.
Children in our opinion are the purest forms of humanity, they must be handled with utmost care, affection, kind and gentle hearts showering love towards them guiding them properly molding them into not only professionals who become independent economically but most importantly good citizens having respect and feeling towards the pain of others as the future of not only our country but our world lies in their hands. Our never ending efforts are and will always be in the direction of providing them with basic amenities for their living, giving them proper guidance, inculcating good behavior, moral and ethical values to prepare them fully to face the challenges of life to the best of their capabilities. So that they mould not only themselves but also others into good human beings.
We realized the importance of need for good channelized, focused guidance for the children at this tender age, hence we conduct Skits, Role-plays. We also take up projects ranging over a few weeks to help achieve the desired goals. So that good manners, good behavior gets engraved in their minds for the rest of their life.
"If not now when... if not us who...."

List of our volunteers

Sampath B

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