Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education. Education, they say, is the only treasure which accompanies its owner everywhere. While majority of us have all been sent to schools even before we knew the word 'education', there are many 'not so blessed' underprivileged / orphan kids who carry the zeal to excel in studies but are hit by destiny. Saanthwana is striving to put few such kids in school, by creating birth-certificates, enrolling, arranging uniforms, bags, stationery etc., and paying their fees month-on-month & year-on-year. Saanthwana believes that the basic education these kids are getting, is their fundamental right that the society has deprived them of.


we've successfully reached the target of 47 Kids education till date and really appreciate all the efforts put in by Team Saanthwana,home Management, School Management, Shop keepers, guardians and Facebook for making this possible.


1)Aman Vedika 23 kids 2)New Life Home under the Organisation Touch 23 Kids 3) Akshara Sadan 1 kid

Out of this 47 kids, we've all kinds of flavors naught, smart and intelligent once. We all know what education means in everyone's life and today we've filled the gap of parents by educating kids in well organized schools. As we all know they're many more kids,who are not getting proper education and no education. Team will be looking forward to make more efforts in solving this problems near future and we request all for your involvement to take this forward in always. "We can organize meetings to discuss the best and pure way of educating kids". Please do involve and put in your valuable ideas in meetings/ Facebook/website.

Aman vedika: Venkat Sirimalle Priyanka Kamath n friends
New Life Home:
Mahesh Mansanipalli 10 kids edu.
Bhanu Kumar Sirineni 10 kids edu.
Ravi Teja n Family 2 kids edu n transport for 8 kids.
Daisy 1 kid.
Akshara Sadan:
Neeraj Gr n
Ashwin Kumar
On a personal interest to educate Vandhana from Akshara Sadan. 2 of our friends took an initiative to take care in all aspects of education till she reaches her goal. Vandhana is now achieving 97% and holding class 1st. Friends we would be happy to update all the information of bills and receipts/vouchers immediately. After we receive pending documents from Aman vedika. Thanks for all patience.

Health Care

Good health is the pre-requisite for keeping a person strong - physically and mentally. It is the driving force that helps us chase our dreams. Saanthwana knows the importance of a healthy body and a healthy mind. When we interact with the needy, we strive to provide them amenities for hygiene, conduct dental camps, medical check-ups etc. With the help of generous donors, we have been able to arrange for Dental and ENT surgeries in the past. By assuring good health of atleast a few underprivileged of the society, we are building a stronger country.


We're getting help from few Dr's within the group, for arranging medical camps and would like to increase the number. Team Saanthwana with help of Sahi Foundation took initiative of solving many health issues in different homes like Aman vedika, Future Foundation and Courtesy Foundation. Gone through 3 surgeries and couple of medical camps. We respect all the Doctors and Team members for minimizing the health issues. In recent past we took a challenge of curing 25 kids affected with contagious skin disease scabies at Aman Sneha Ghar boys (Rani gunj) and we sincerely respect all the efforts put in by the Young/Junior Doctors of Gandhi Hospital..