2014 Rural Electrification Project

Team Global Himalayan Electrification ( GHE ) is driven by a mission to take on the extraordinary - people from very remote, resource-challenged areas working against odds to make their world a better place. We serve as a connecting medium for educational, health, environmental and energy initiatives between the local population of rural India and the Global audience. This year we are set out on the Himalayan Village Electrification project. Our team’s mission is to set-up a micro-grid in Sumda Chenmo village of a remote region in the Himalayan region of India , this village will be powered exclusively by solar energy. The houses residing in these villages would therefore be equipped with basic lighting infrastructure, and charging provisions for small appliances. The introduction of even a limited source of electrical power can have immediate and significant economic, educational, and health benefits. This would open doors to a better life at home & boost new ideas for greater productivity of the locals with efficient lighting solutions to help change their lives. What do the locals gain from this project : People of the Himalayas face extreme odds, a dispersed population, poor communications capacity and minimal resources hence my team & I are motivated towards providing a sustainable living to these remote parts of India . Continuous supply of electircity in these villages provides more opportunities for income generation; the villagers can now work during the evening/nights, engage in traditional handicrafts and wool weaving to supplement household income. In order to raise funds , with the help of my team , we are organizing a Zumbathon Fundraiser event for a duration of 2 hrs in New Jersey, USA . The event details are as follows :- Venue : Boomz Fitness Center , Dover ( NJ) Date & Time : July 11th 2014 6:00pm -8:00pm EST Entry Ticket : 15$(Advance) 20$ (At door) per head funds generated would be directed towards electrifying these villages with the help of affordable and sustainable home lighting technologies ( LED bulbs , solar grids, power backup products) for providing high-quality, non-polluting lighting to illuminate rural homes.